We drive intralogistics forward.

Whether it's in logistics, assembly or production, we use our extensive expertise in project planning to develop perfectly tailored and economical complete intralogistics solutions. As a general contractor, we engineer and construct complete logistics systems, including the building systems.


As a strong partner, we’re often involved in the planning of complete logistics systems at an early stage. Generally, the planning services are rendered directly to the end customer. However, they can also be implemented with a planning company as intermediary. In that case, pentanova cs focuses mainly on material flow automation.


Gradually adding more and more detail, we simulate our plants right from the design and project planning phase. The simulation depicts the material flows. It helps the design team develop material flow concepts and strategies and serves as a layout confirmation by identifying bottlenecks. This lets us figure the hourly throughput, the number of trolleys required, the layout of buffer and maintenance sections and the capacity of conveyor system components and stations, etc.

Special Solutions

Our references include many special solutions that we’ve developed in the past for customers all over the world. For example, our electric floor track for the assembly of solar mirrors in the desert of California, our underfloor conveyor with a 4.2 km track network and 97 switch points for transporting kitchen furnishings, as well as different automation solutions in various cash centers.